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Assurance of quality on every workpiece


We have an ISO-compliant quality program to assure our customers that every workpiece we machine meets or exceeds their desired tolerances. 

To make certain that our work is always first-rate, we use:

     •MAHR Surface Contour.

     •MAHR Roundness Inspection Equipment.

     •Mitutoyo Height gauges.

     •Wireless MAHR digital micrometers and bore gages

     •Measurement Systems to perform dimensional inspections to tolerances as small as microns, or 0.00004"/inch.

     •All measurements are stored in a database and backed up offsite.

     •Complete traceability on every part.


At Optimal Tooling, we conduct multiple inspections throughout the process to ensure that every part we send conforms to specifications.


Our Facilities

All our grinding services and measurements are performed in-house at OT in a climate-controlled facility to ensure a stable environment thus allowing us to hold very tight tolerances. Maintaining a temperature of 68°F guarantees that all die work and measurements are consistent and accurate. This important and sometimes overlooked detail ensures that superior quality and consistency is what our customers get from our services.

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